10 Best Places to Live in Rhode Island 2021 | Living in Rhode Island, United States
Small but perfectly formed, would be the way we would describe the US state of Rhode Island in New England. Home to just over a million people, this coastal state is famed for its quaint colonial villages and rugged beaches. There are several developed cities in Rhode Island, like Newport which is well known around the world for its sailing scene as well as Gilded Age mansions which are photogenic, to say the least. The state capital is a busy and bustling Providence. The city itself may not be an ideal location to live for some, but escaping to the city is a fun-filled day nonetheless. Brown University grounds, Rodger Williams Park, and Waterplanes Park are all firm family favorites. Unlike in the Midwest, there are few large parklands and wilderness areas to enjoy in Rhode Island. For what it lacks in greenery it makes up for in droves with rough and rustic coastal walks and soft sandy beaches. We have taken into consideration factors like proximity to good public schools, health facilities, and house prices when creating our list of 10 best places to live in Rhode Island. Although not all will be to your liking, there is certainly something for everyone in this small but perfectly formed coastal state.

00:00 – intro
1. 08:13 – Barrington
2. 07:24 – Kingston
3. 06:33 – Jamestown
4. 05:51 – Blackstone
5. 04:05 – East Greenwich
6. 03:17 – Hope
7. 03:17 – South Kingstown
8. 02:39 – North Kingstown
9. 01:54 – Narragansett
10. 01:13 – Wayland



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