Civilization is amazing. Today, most people wouldn't worry about being eaten by an animal. After all, we
don't live in the wild where we have to protect ourselves from big felines and dangerous cats. In fact, we
don't even live so close to wild animals anymore. We have Zoos for that now.
Living in high rise buildings and being surrounded by roads means that the threat of being dinner to an
animal is far removed from our sensibilities. We don’t think about it. However, that doesn't mean that
the threat doesn't exist. Unfortunate as it may be, some people still fall prey to these age-old enemies of
humanity. And sometimes, just sometimes, these animals win.
Today we'll be looking at 10 scary and sometimes devastatingly tragic stories of animals eating people.
#10— Wrestling A Shark
Wrestling a Shark is certainly not your idea of a fun time, but that was exactly what Vance Flosenzier had
to do when his nephew was attacked by a Shark. I trust you’d do the same.
Jessie Arbogast was 8 years old in 2001 and had the fortune of playing with his family on Florida’s Santa
Rosa Island. Unfortunately, while playing in the shallow waters of the Island with his cousin, Jessie was
attacked by a Bull Shark.
His parents were on the beach enjoying the sun when they heard Jessie's frenzied screams. It was at
that moment that Jessie's uncle, Vance Flosenzier, sprung into action. He took to the water and
immediately pulled the Shark off his nephew. It all happened so fast that it seemed like an action movie
Unfortunately, that's not the end of this incredible story. Vance was able to remove Jessie from the
mouth of the Shark, but Jessie's arm came off and got lodged in the throat of the Shark.
Now, here's where the story gets incredible. While Vance's wife took the children off to safety, he held
on to the Shark and wrestled it to the beach. He did it because other children were in the area and he
was scared that the Shark could hurt them.
Thankfully, park rangers came and killed the Shark for good. Jessie's arm was retrieved from its throat
and was reattached. Unfortunately, Jessie suffered permanent brain damage from the attack.
#9— Attacked By A Bear
Bear hugs from people you love are amazing. Bear hugs from Bears are definitely not so much fun.
Forty-six-year-old Hunting guide Kootoo Shaw was working at his job when he was attacked by a polar
bear. The year was 2003, the location was Canada and Shaw's life was in grave danger.

The polar bear attacked Shaw's tent by opening a gigantic hole in the Canvas. When he woke up he
decided to run away, but he tripped over a rock and fell. This made it easier for the bear to attack.
Instead of killing Shaw right there, the bear dragged his prey by the toes to the edge of the ocean.
What the bear did next is quite predictable. He sunk his class into the back of Shaw and proceeded to
tear off his scalp like paper.
Thankfully, the cook of the group shot the polar bear before further damage was done. Shaw was
transported to a hospital where he underwent over 13 hours of surgery and received about 300 stitches
to reattach his scalp.
#8— Do Not Mess With A Great White
Most people don't enjoy working during work breaks. Lisa Mondy, a Wildlife tour, certainly didn't expect
to encounter any wildlife when she was enjoying her lunch break in the sun.
Unfortunately, a Great White shark had other ideas. Lisa was wakeboarding when she missed her board
and plunged into the water. A 13ft long Shark attacked her vertically and clamped his mouth on her
head. The Shark tried to drag Lisa underwater, but she was able to let loose because of her life jacket.
So you could say that the life jacket really lived up to its name.
Lisa survived with grievous injuries. Her face and neck were cut into tatters, and it took a 16-hour
surgery to get her arm reattached.
Thankfully, Lisa has regained all feeling in her arm today. She's since recovered fully, and today works in
a Shark conservation centre
Rather poetic, wouldn't you say?
#7— Double Grizzly Attack
In 2016, fifty-year-old Todd Orr was out searching for elk when he walked into an open meadow. Here
was where he met a bear and her cubs. Soon, Todd learnt that there are only a few things more
dangerous than a sow protecting her little ones.
The bear charged at him, biting and beating him with reckless abandon. She stopped the onslaught for a
while and disappeared into the bushes. Todd thought that it was over, but the worst was yet to come.
Soon she appeared again and began attacking even more ferociously than before. She even managed to
slash Todd across the head with claws.

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