12 Things We Bought This Month on Amazon Worth Every Penny!

Our Hip team is sharing our picks for the best things to buy on Amazon this month!

hand holding amazon bag with mangopop black bodysuit on top

Amazon has it all, but here are a few of our favorite things. 🤩

It’s no news we’re obsessed with Amazon and their convenient, fast, and free Prime shipping – AND the endless amount of online goods you can find. However, there’s always that one purchase that sticks out among all the others, so our team is sharing a few favorite purchases from the past month.

*Note that these Amazon prices are accurate at the time of posting.

Here are some of the best things to buy on Amazon this month according to our team members:

collage of this weeks amazon faves with various stock photos of images

1. I grabbed Collin’s favorite bodysuit while it was 50% off.

woman taking selfie in mirror wearing black bodysuit

When we landed an additional 40% off coupon for these team-favorite bodysuits I knew I had to give them a try! Our Hip CEO, Collin has been raving about these bodysuits for months and the quality even exceeded my expectations. If you’ve been needing a bodysuit, these are the best things to buy on Amazon right now because our code is valid until November 19th! However, even if you miss the sale, I still think they’re worth the regular price too.

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2. Liz bought one of these viral cheese graters after seeing it on TikTok and it’s worth the hype.

Cheese grater and box sitting on kitchen countertop

If you witnessed the viral cheese graters on TikTok, you know that so many people have been buying these off of actual Olive Garden employees – cheese included! While Liz was unsuccessful in buying one from her local restaurant, she set off to Amazon to score this viral-worthy product. Her exact words… “Why I waited so long to buy this I’ll never know, but everyone should have one at home!”.

Liz also scooped up this veggie chopper and has been using it every day since!

Veggie chopper with box, sitting on kitchen countertop

Liz bought this gadget to make chopped subs and salads and it’s basically her new obsession. In fact, she said she’s been having salads/subs every day for lunch since it arrived. It makes chopping anything SO easy and what she didn’t realize when she bought it was that it comes with a spiral and a ribbon blade too! She recently made zucchini noodles and stated it was MUCH easier to use than another spiralizer tool she has. 😱

3. Monica grabbed the new Poppi flavor which keeps selling out.

hand holding christmas poppi flavor

Grabbing a case of these Christmas-themed Poppi cans is a no-brainer if you’re already a fan of this popular probiotic soda drink. Unfortunately, it’s sold out FAST. However, with Thanksgiving still right around the corner, we expect a restock soon so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

In the meantime, bookmark our Poppi probiotic drinks deals and review post to know when the next sale happens!

4. Monica hopped on the COSRX serum bandwagon and is obsessed. 

hand holding a retinol bottle

After hearing many of our Hip sidekicks rave about this face serum, Monica had to give it a try while it was currently on sale. If you’ve been wondering about this viral face serum our team keeps talking about now’s your chance to try it at the lowest prices for Black Friday! Monica loves it so much, that she has already recommended it to her mom!

5. Monica also couldn’t resist this bodysuit and says it’s the best alternative to Skims that she’s ever worn. 

Woman sitting on couch spraying perfume on neck

Anyone totally obsessed with Skims bodysuits, but not the price, is going to love this wardrobe find! Monica has tried many and says that this one she just bought is by far the best alternative to Skims that she’s ever worn! We love the square neckline and she says the fabric is ultra soft too.

6. Rachel is loving her stylish, new glass food containers. 

Row of glass food storage containers in refrigerator

These stylish, new glass food containers have inspired Rachel to make salads every day since she got them. She said that they have been wonderful for meal prep, are the perfect size for her salads, and are just so aesthetically pleasing they’re giving her life! 🤩

7. Lina bought these keto-friendly chocolate peanut butter cups on Amazon because they keep selling out at her Costco. 

Hand holding a bag of skinny dipped peanut butter cups

Lina shared that these bites of dark chocolate are complete heaven. Plus, at just 70 calories they perfectly fit within her nutrition goals. So they’re the best things to buy on Amazon if you’d like to treat yourself but are trying to stay on track too! Since they continue to sell out at her local Costco, she’ll be buying them on repeat at Amazon!

8. Lina bought her kids some new water jugs for their sports games and says these are the best to buy on Amazon. 

two BJPKPK 64oz Insulated Water Bottle on kitchen table

After Lina’s teenage son lost his water jug she bought him one of these! However, when her daughter discovered it, she was often stealing it so she bought a second! She says they’re really great quality and keep ice cold for much longer than the plastic water jugs they had for sports practices. Lina agrees with many other reviewers that there’s truly no going back after you’ve had nice ones like these! 🙌

9. Kara cozied up her blanket with some new blankets from Amazon this month.

dog sitting in blanket

There’s no shortage of cozy vibes at Kara’s home after she scooped up her two new blankets from Amazon this month! She said both of her new blankets are super cozy and warm. She especially loves the Sherpa blanket and so does her sweet pup. 😉 If you’re in need of some new blankets (especially a king) she couldn’t recommend these more!

10. Cara has bought multiple pairs of these pajama sets and says they’re very giftable too. 

woman taking selfie in mirror wearing printed pajamas

Cara said she’s so in love with these silk pajamas (and their silk sleep shirts) that she currently had a 4th set waiting on the porch as she shared this. 🤣 There isn’t a single thing she doesn’t love about these. From the construction, fit, and materials. She even noted they have a nice heft to them and the saturated colors are simply gorgeous. She even went as far as to say they’re better than the Victoria’s Secret pajamas she wore for decades and just as good as anything she’s bought at Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus. 🤯 Needless to say, they’d be a great holiday gift idea too.

11. Bryn grabbed these new screen protectors for her teens. 

Hand holding new screen protectors in box

Bryn swears these are the best screen protectors on the market and they are incredibly affordable too! She said her teens are always cracking theirs and these are the brand she always keeps on hand. 🙌🏼  At under $10 shipped for a set of three this is a no-brainer for anyone in need of these.

12. Liz grab some adorable holiday-themed bandannas for her dog.

Set a four holiday themed dog bandannas laying on kitchen counter

Liz is really happy with these bandannas she purchased for her dog. She feels like for $10, you get so much bang for your buck since you get a Halloween, Thanksgiving, and two Christmas bandannas. She’s looking forward to using them year after year!

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