15 Best Gifts for Teens That Are Screen Free & Still Fire


Shop the best gifts for teens with our gift guide!

Lucky, charms, cereal, bowl candle with lit candle wicks

Step outside the tech box this holiday season. 🎁

The best gifts for teens don’t have to be a tech screen. Our top gift picks are affordable, approved by teens, and are still right on trend.

Shop our top screen-free gifts for teens:

screen free gifts for teens collage graphic

1. Mini fridges are cool gifts for teens that are pretty versatile too.

mini fridge open with beauty supplies and skincare bottles inside

Any teen will want to stock up this mini fridge with all of their favorite snacks, drinks, or beauty essentials! This is a super chill gift that’s available for under $40 and they’re sure to love and want to show off to their friends.

If your teen has more of a retro vibe, check out this Frigidaire mini fridge that our hip sidekick Rachel bought for her teen son.

2. Give teens a gift that will make them feel all warm and cozy.

Guy standing in oversized hoodie, blanket with cats on it

These blanket hoodies are a genius gift if your teen loves to feel cozy when they are spending time at home. We love this one from Amazon in particular because it comes in over 20 different patterns and colors that is sure to perfectly suit your teens’ personality. Whether they are 5 feet tall are over 6 feet, this oversized hoodie will be the perfect fit.

As an alternative, you could splurge on the popular Comfy hoodie for just under $50 if a more neutral color suits their aesthetic.

3. Teens, love, candles, and cereal, so there’s no reason not to grab this gift for teens. 

Lucky charms, wax pieces in cereal bowl candle with spoon

Don’t get your teen just any candle, get them this Lucky Charms cereal bowl candle. 🤩 Even teen dudes will appreciate this candle and plenty of reviewers stated it smells just like french vanilla and looks just like the adorable pictures online. Needless to say, this gift is going to be lit. 🔥

4. Customize a sign for them to hang in their room or dorm.

purple neon maddyn name sign with heart on window sill

Custom Neon Sign $49.99+
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Final cost as low as $42.49 shipped

Teens love neon signs and with this customizable gift idea from Amazon, there are an endless amount of possibilities. Plus, this is the perfect gift idea for a guys game room or a girls bougie space considering they have numerous different font and color options too.

5. These no-show socks are the best on the market and show off their personality too.

Various pairs of Bombas socks on white blanket

We know teens typically don’t love the most practical of gifts, but Bombas socks are one brand they’ll actually love unwrapping. Bombas socks are the perfect no-show and non-slip socks on the market. Plus, they’re extra cushiony and comfy, making them a great option for wearing with your favorite shoes or perfect for athletes too. Bombas also offers numerous colors, patterns, and styles to suit any teen’s personality.

Looking for high top socks? We hear teens love Nike high socks and unwrapping those too. 😉

6. Elevate their space with these fun stickable strip lights. 

Blue LED light strips and hang out room

These lights are simple to install and will make any ordinary space feel so fun! Plus, they come with a remote for endless color combinations. I used about two rolls of these in my teen boys’ room and they love keeping them on when friends are over or they’re playing video games.

7. An inflatable paddleboard is something they can take on the go and it will keep them active during summer. 

man in the water with a Roc Inflatable Paddle Board

Roc’s premium inflatable paddle boards are made of the highest quality military-grade material. They offer some of the most durable and lightweight boards on the market making it a great big gift idea for your teen. Plus, this set comes with everything they need to hit the water once the weather warms up. A paddle board could be a gift they’ll enjoy on their own, with friends, or will create meaningful memories with family if you’re already into the sport at home.

8. This is our Hip CEO, Collin’s, favorite game to play with her teens and it actually gets them out of their room.

the chameleon game box on table

This game is simple. A secret word is selected from one of the topic cards and everyone knows what the word is, except for the player with the Chameleon card. Each player shouts out a related word to prove their innocence and tries to track down who the Chameleon is, but will they blend into the group and escape – or will they get caught?!

This award-winning game is recommended for 3-8 players, ages 14 and up so it’s a board game for adults that’s suitable for all teens. It happens to be Collin’s (our Hip founder) favorite game to play with her kids!

Already have Chameleon? Check out our other team approved board games.

9. A Tokyo Treat box are unique gifts for teens that are filled with fun foreign snacks.

Various foreign snacks, laying on the table with Tokyo treat box

Tokyo Treat Monthly Surprise Box $37.50
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Shipping adds $12.50
Final cost only $45 shipped for your first box!

*Note you can save more by choosing a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription instead of the monthly option. Also note that this is a monthly subscription, but you can cancel after your first month if you aren’t satisfied. 

Your teen will love trying some new and totally unique foods and drinks from Japan that he can’t get anywhere else! Afterall, food is the way to their heart. When you buy them a subscription, they’ll receive a Tokyo Treat box with 15-20 full-size food and drink items from Japan. Each box is just $37.50 plus shipping which breaks down to just $1.88-$2.50 per treat! The boxes include a surprise assortment of items including rare flavors of Coca-Cola & Fanta sodas, Ramen, soba, udon, Kit Kats, sour and sweet candies, cakes, cookies, chips, and more! It’s a unique and really fun gift idea they may love too much to even share. 😉

Head over to our full product review of the Tokyo Treat Surprise Box to read more about why your teen likely needs these in their life!

10. These scrunchies are the perfect place to stash away cash or a key. 

two scrunchies a pink with a key inside and a green with a 20 dollar bill inside

Rather than having your teen carry around money in their phone case or pocket where it can easily fall out, give them an even more unique way to stash things they don’t want to lose. We adore these trendy scrunchies and no one would even know they’re the perfect place to stash away some cash or even a house or car key!

Shopping for a teen who doesn’t wear scrunchies? Check out this unique Secret Money Puzzle Box!

11. Air Force 1s are a timeless pick for teen guys and girls.

hand holding a pair of white air force 1s

There is no denying teens love Nike Air Force 1s. In fact, if you’ve taken a look at what they’re wearing on their feet, nearly all of them are sporting some sort of Nikes. Air Force 1s are a timeless choice that will go with so many of their favorite wardrobe essentials.

Want some Air Force 1s for less? Nordstrom has many other color options on sale for women and men. If you know your team would love a color combo besides white on white.

12. These inflatable chairs are genius for traveling, camping, festivals, and more.

Teen girl sitting in black inflatable chair at beach

Your teen will be convincing all of their friends to grab one of these chairs after they see the ease and convenience of toting this thing around! In fact, it gives a totally new definition to inflatable chairs since it self-inflates with a simple whisk through the air and is compact enough to fit inside the included tote bag.

13. Teens will use a drawstring bag for nearly everything if they don’t already have one. 

Teen wearing white sweatsuit with navy blue Lululemon drawstring bag on back

A drawstring bag is an essential for any teen for them to take to the gym, a friend’s house for a sleepover, work for a change of clothes, and so much more. It’s a convenient bag that they’re sure to use on a very regular basis, and we love that these ones from Lululemon are currently available for under $40 shipped!

Need a drawstring bag that’s more affordable? Check out this trendy Adidas drawstring bag available for under $20.

14. Grab this under $10 stocking stuffer that will get them outside and playing like a kid again. 

Man, standing with sunglasses and tons of flying silicone frisbees coming at him

Teens still wanna have fun and these flexible silicone flying discs are something that will get them outside and off the screens. Considering they’re softer than a traditional frisbee, they’re perfect for teens to goof off with friends, or even play with the littlest of siblings without the risk of injury. They make a great stocking stuffer and something they can easily take with them on the go.

As another option, check out this frisbee that lights up, which will make playing outside more elevated and fun with friends.

15. Give them an experience they’ll never forget and love over any screen time. 

woman and two teens standing with arms around each other in front of lit christmas tree

Teens will appreciate the joy of receiving an experience over material things if it’s something that they’ve really been wanting to do. Plus, there’s not many Christmases left before they head off to college, so you might as well make them enjoyable. There are endless options when gifting an experience, depending on your teen’s interests, hobbies, and personality. Best of all, you can customize your gift to suit any budget!

Consider an escape room, indoor rock climbing, a baking or arts and crafts MasterClass, private lessons related to their sport or hobby, bowling passes, amusement park admission, tickets to a sporting event, concert tickets, or even a visit to a special destination.

Search your local Groupon for more experience ideas for your teen!

What are your suggestions for the best screen-free gifts for teens? Please share your favorite gift ideas in the comments below!

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