5.7.19 Rhode Island
Reform Package: Rep. Nicholas A. Mattiello Dyslexia

This was a big day for education in the State of Rhode Island. Speaker of the House, Nicholas A. Mattiello, introduces an Education Reform Package at the State House on May 5, 2019.

When your States Speaker of the House calls a press conference to introduce Education reform and spends 2 minutes discussing Dyslexia, time stands still.

Rep. Mattiello deserves a mountain of praise for showing the world that he understands what Dyslexia is. The fact that he now has the knowledge of where we failed and has educated himself on what needs to be accomplished moving forward, is monumental.

This was a historic day for Dyslexic/SLD children and families in the State of Rhode Island (and the country).

For years, Rep. William O’Brien has been a champion for Rhode Islands Struggling Readers. In this clip, Rep. Mattiello acknowledges and gives thanks to Rep. O’Brien for his determination.



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