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Get a home manicure that looks like you’ve been to the salon with Beetles Gel Nail Polish!

Beetles Gel Polish Advent Calendar with all the items on table

Bad nails bug you? It’s Beetles to the rescue!🐞

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If you’ve been curious about the trending Beetles gel polish you’ve seen all over social media (this brand has gone viral on TikTok), now’s your chance to try it out while the price is so LOW!

Plus, you’ll be able to give yourself dozens of manicures, and save money by skipping the salon for a while! And, if you’re someone who likes to set and forget about their nails, gel nail polish is known to last up to 21 days when properly applied so you can go on all the vacations, weddings, parties, and more without worrying about your manicure!

Get ready for the holidays with Beetles Gel Polish

coffin shaped pink press on nails

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Beetles Nail Gel Advent Set

This set includes 14 bottles of gel polish, 3 bottles of liner gel, base coat, top coat, cuticle oil, decoration seating gel, 4 packages of Chrismas Glitter Powder, a 6-compartment Chrismas nail decorations box, and one nail file!

Beetles Gel Polish Candy Cane Collection

This set includes the top 6 trendiest Christmas colors for the year 2023: Snow White, Glitter Red, Flame Red, and Rose Gold Silver gel.

Beetles Nail Gel Advent Set

This set includes a nail lamp, 6 Christmas Colors Gel polish, a base coat, 2 top coats (glossy & matte), cuticle oil, a nail cap handle, a cuticle trimmer, a cuticle pusher, a nail file, nail buffer, nail clipper, 2 nail separators, and a brush duster.

Unsure whether gel polish is for you? Here are a few frequently asked questions:

How long does gel nail polish last? 

Beetles gel nail polish claims to last 21 days or more when applied properly. (I did find this to be the case with my initial pedicure).

How to remove gel nail polish? 

If for some reason you need to remove your gel nail polish before the 21 days or it begins to chip, you should generously soak a cotton pad with acetone and place it over each nail. Then wrap each nail with foil or plastic wrap for at least 3 minutes. Remove and wipe clean.

Is gel polish bad for your nails?

Continuous use of gel polish on the nails can cause nail brittleness, peeling, and cracking. However soak-off gel nails are recommended over acrylic nails. It is recommended that you take a break from gel polish for a week once every 8 weeks to let the nails rehydrate and allow themselves to repair.


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