AMC and GME Stock To The Moon! Gary Gensler is getting ripped by congress for wanting to ban payment for order flow (PFOF)!

Robinhood CEO, Vlad Tenev and Ken Griffin of Citadel, are close! Much closer than you would suspect. The Robinhood investing app is no place for an Ape… At least, not in my opinion. Disappearing buttons, buying restrictions, and overall sketchy practices that allow the Robinhood and hedgefund buddy Ken Griffin to steal Bananas and Tendies from the Apes!

Video includes an interview with Vlad Tenev from the GameStop (GME) hearing in February 2021.

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Congress woman tears Citadel CEO a new one! She screams at Ken telling him that the people are tired of bailing him out every time he screws up,

and gambles their retirement away!

Stop wasting my time You Schmuck! That’s how every congressman should talk to Citadel’s Kenneth Griffin from now on!

Ken Griffin gets scolded like a child! Hilarious News Footage Over GME, AMC, BB trading halted… Robinhood And Citadel organized crime!

What’s next for AMC Stock? Here’s what you need to know before market open as there have been major developments for AMC today including SEC news.

I’ve got Chris from, Spot On Analysis ( with me to get to the bottom of the AMC mystery.

AMC Entertainment gained another 83% for the week, even after declines at the end of the week.

But it’s the meme stocks that took the headlines, and also contributed to concerns about froth in the stock market. These would include stocks such as Sundial or SNDL, Blackberry or BB, GME, and others.

“People think this is new. It completely isn’t,” Dan Niles, founder of Satori Fund, said of the trading frenzy. He noted there was similar froth in individual stocks in 1999, when companies added dot-com to their names to attract investor attention.

“What’s new is the fact that these traders are armed with stimulus checks. They can organize more easily on things like WallStreetBets, they can work from home, and there’s no-cost trading. Those are the differences,” Niles said on CNBC.

“So, if it gets people interested in investing, that’s great. What I don’t like is when you have people sort of taking out mortgages on their home, and putting themselves at risk if the thing collapsed,” he added. “You want to be able to invest what you can afford to lose if you’re going to play in something like this.”

Trading in names like GameStop and Bed Bath & Beyond is one of the things that has made him more cautious about the market. He said the high valuations on the meme names are unlikely to last. “It’s going to be around as long as cicadas are,” he said, referring to the insect that lives just a few short weeks above ground after spending as many as 17 years underground.

Watching the inflation signs

Massocca said investors should stay focused on things like inflation, since that could be what makes the Federal Reserve reverse its easy policy. The Fed has so far said it sees the higher inflation readings as transitory.
Economists expect CPI to be up 4.7% year over year, after April’s 4.2% pace, according to Dow Jones. Core inflation is expected to be up 0.4% for the month and 3.4% year over year.

“I’m getting nervous. I’m seeing signs of a top. I’m systematically raising cash. I think the market looks too expensive,” Massocca said. “We’re going to shake off the dust from Covid. The economy is going to be very, very good and as a rule, I think monetary policy is going to respond to some degree.”

He said the memes mania is just one sign, but the spark for a sell-off could be anything including a hawkish comment from the Fed.
“Who knows what it is, but the kindling is building and as soon as a match hits it, the market is setting up for a 7% to 10% pullback at some point,” he said. “Who knows what starts it. … One of the candidates very likely will be some kind of reductions in monetary policy.”


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