Utah County Arts Gallery Presents
“Ways Artists Can Promote And Sell Their Work” Workshop
Part 1

During the announcements, Jeanne Gomm, president of the UCAB mentions that you can download entry forms for the Children’s Art Show that will be part of the Freedom Festival from our website. The actual link to the pdf is http://www.utahcountyartgallery.com/shows/childrens/2013UCABKidsCall.pdf
Frank Baker, 13 years in marketing. www.Aha.com www.Seo.com are firms he has worked for.
Elizabeth Michalek is the marketing director for Santiago Michalek Fine Art www.santiagofineart.blogspot.com Santiagos web site is www.SantiagoMichalek.com Ten years of effort didn’t pay off very well. Their first real success came when he was accepted to a 3 month long winter gallery show in Arizona. That got them the connections to find other shows. He discovered his niche art which is vintage vehicles at different stages of restoration.
They base their business plan on time of year and expenses, and how fast he’s able to paint. She breaks it down to shows they can do on their own, and they use www.zaplication.com to get show listings. They work with two gallery’s. Going to shows got them introductions to gallery owners. Then they have on-line marketing by website and Facebook. She recommends Amy Porterfield on Facebook as a teacher. Www.socialmediaexaminer.com lets you sign up for their emails. www.salesforce.com is something they are beginning to use to manage their myspace. CRM (customer relationship manger) management like www.IContact.com is helpful. Frank recommends www.mailchimp.com as a tool. CRM is your “book of business.” A free one like salesforce is www.sugarCRM.com also www.basecamp.com offers a free service.



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