Brandon Robinson, Community Organizer, Open Doors places us firmly in the mind of an individual experiencing solitary confinement at the Rhode Island Adult Correctional Institute. Part of the testimony on Rhode Island: The Torture State – RI Department of Corrections Torquemada Patricia Coyne Fague’s implementation of Solitary Confinement

Hear the entire evening’s testimony here:

Find out more about State Sponsored Torture In Rhode Island Prisons:

About OpenDoors (From
OpenDoors was founded in 2003 with the sole mission of providing services and advocacy to people with criminal records.
OpenDoors is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to strengthen communities by supporting the formerly incarcerated. The organization’s goals are to:

Successfully reintegrate formerly incarcerated individuals by preparing them pre-release and supporting them during the post release period and beyond;
Reduce recidivism by streamlining opportunities for ex-offenders to become integral members of the community and society, nurturing personal responsibility, and advocating for the removal of social and legal barriers to re-entry;
Stabilize families of ex-offenders by providing services that build on individual and family strengths and needs; and
Reinvest in communities and reduce incarceration rates by promoting investment in education, community development, and a smart-on-crime criminal justice approach.
The OpenDoors reentry program uses a holistic approach to support offenders as they prepare to leave prison, return home, and stabilize in the community. The agency’s programs include our policy and advocacy on criminal justice issues, our one-stop Resource Center, and our Employment Program. OpenDoors programs seek to ameliorate the condition of the poor and promote economic self-sufficiency by improving job-readiness, addressing barriers to employment, and teaching job-retention skills.

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Originally Recorded March 29, 2022



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