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Spiderbelly! A new teaser for American Horror Story: Delicate Part One was released on August 20 and revealed brand-new footage that will give you goosebumps. Kim Kardashian emerges with a baby bump in the shadows, but her bump is actually a spider’s belly. Talk about creepy.

Suddenly, the legs of the spider come out and open all around Kim. She looks unrecognizable and gives off major Lady Gaga in AHS: Hotel vibes with her platinum blonde hair and red lips. The season 12 teaser ends with Kim cradling a baby, her web spreading around her.

Emma Roberts appears to get caught up in Kim’s web. After a visit with Cara Delevingne, who plays some sort of doctor, Emma can be seen screaming. A terrified and very pregnant Emma runs away from creepy people who are chasing her down a hallway.

The Skims founder has been open for years about how she’s afraid of spiders, but co-creator Ryan Murphy has clearly helped her conquer her arachnophobia. “I have a pretty awful relationship with spiders. I absolutely hate them,” Kim said in a 2020 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kim famously ran off the set of Ellen in 2022 after Ellen DeGeneres tried to prank her with a spider. Kim and spiders have never mixed — until now.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian’s poster for ‘American Horror Story’ season 12. (FX)

The Kardashians star’s role in American Horror Story season 12 was actually written for her. “Kim is among the biggest and brightest television stars in the world and we are thrilled to welcome her to the AHS family,” Ryan told THR in a statement. “Emma and I are excited about collaborating with this true force in the culture. Halley Feiffer has written a fun, stylish, and ultimately terrifying role, especially for Kim, and this season is ambitious and unlike anything we have ever done.”

American Horror Story: Delicate Part One will premiere September 20 on FX. The first part of season 12 will consist of 5 episodes. The show will air Wednesdays at 10 p.m.

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