Google and Microsoft both announced some new products this week. Amazon hasn’t stopped releasing products and set the date for the delayed Prime Day. But more importantly, we have some great tips and tech picks to help you tech better.

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Followup: Zoom trying to push people to yearly pricing (01:00) Amazon Prime Day set for Oct 13 and 14 (02:35) 10 states with 21% of the US population have contract tracing app using Apple and Google API (04:10) Snapchat has helped 1 million users register to vote (06:30) Dave’s Pro Tip of the Week: Gmail updated for iOS so it could be the default mail app (07:55) Takes: Google’s announces Pixel 5, Pixel 4a 5g, new Chromecast, and more (11:45) Microsoft introduces Surface Laptop Go, updates to Surface Pro X (23:35) Amazon will now let you pay with your palm in its stores (28:05) Amazon launches a $4.99 per month personal shopper service for men (29:35) Publishers worry as ebooks fly off libraries’ virtual shelves (32:05) Security/Privacy: White hat hacker gains access to Tesla’s servers and its entire fleet (34:55) Bonus Odd Take: The 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Finalists (37:10) Picks of the Week: Dave: Jackbox Games, iOS Vol. 3 available on all platforms (38:45) Nate: Widgetsmith and Watchsmith (42:50) Ramazon™ purchase (46:10) Check out the Notnerd YouTube channel for great videos Support Notnerd on Patreon and get cool stuff Subscribe and Review

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