This is my very first Youtube video where I made a collection of the funniest scenes from Family Guy. If you enjoyed please hit subscribe or the like button it supports me!

I DO NOT own any of the property and rights, the are owned by Twentieth Century Fox. I am simply giving commentary on what I believe to be some of the best and funniest moments. This is considered to be fair use. I am in no way using this video for monetization.

Family Guy is an animated show created by Seth Macfarlane which is about the Griffin family consisting of Peter (Father), Lois (Mother), Chris (Son), Meg (Daughter), Stewie (Baby Son) and Brian (Talking Dog). Other popular characters include Joe Swanson, Cleveland Brown and Glen Quagmire (neighbours), Carter Pewterschmidt (Lois’s father), Mort Goldman (Pharmacist and family friend), Dr. Hartman, Mayor Adam West and Tom Tucker (News Anchor). The show is in a fictional city called Quahog in Rhode Island. The show is extremely famous for its cutaway scenes that often insult celebrities, religion, stereotypes, cultures and other popular topics.

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