Find Your Noteworthy Scent in Just 3 Minutes (+ RARE Promo Code)

Noteworthy scents take just 3 minutes to personalize + we’ve got the latest promo code!

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Ready to be in your smell-good era? 😌

Over 60% of women find it very hard to find a new fragrance. If you’re one of those women and have nearly given up on finding your signature smell, it’s time to check out Noteworthy Scents! They understand that the world of fragrance is intricate and finding the ‘perfect’ scent is daunting, so they’ve revolutionized a fragrance algorithm with a nearly 90% success rate to help you discover yours.

Better yet, through November 26th, you can score 30% off a $25+ purchase or 20% off a Custom Discovery Kit with code BF23 at checkout!

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Gone are the days of perfume headaches at the department store just to find a new scent. 🥴 When you take the Noteworthy Scent Quiz, you’ll get a customized fragrance kit with FOUR samples that are already tailored to your likes/ dislikes.

Whether you have a signature scent profile or not, there is a kit for you…

Don’t know what you like? Let AI personalize your perfume kit:

Noteworthy Personalized Discovery Kit $24.99
Use promo code BF23 (20% off)
Shipping is free
Final cost $19.99 shipped!

Plus, you’ll get a $25 credit to use towards the full-size fragrance you fall in love with!

If you DO know what you like, you can choose your own samples for your kit:

Noteworthy Build-Your-Own Discovery Kit $24.99
Use promo code BF23 (20% off)
Shipping is free
Final cost $19.99 shipped!

Plus, you’ll get a $25 credit to use towards the full-size fragrance you fall in love with!

After the $25 credit, that makes the Discovery Kit practically FREE! 🔥

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Try one of Noteworthy’s most popular scents…

Since Noteworthy believes that your signature scent comes from science, it all comes down to a number. If you’d like to skip the sample box altogether, you can use the promo code to score 30% off your favorite scents! If you need some inspo, here are the perfumes with the highest ratings:

variety of noteworthy scents

  • n,551 – Lily of the Valley, Sandalwood, Amber
  • n,307 – Mandarin, Basil, Sandalwood
  • n,144 – Citrus, Lemon Blossom, Vanilla
  • n,441 – Spices, Musk, Amber
  • n,841 – Lemon, Tarragon, Cedarwood
  • n, 232 – Grapefruit, Leather, Vetvier
  • n, 057 – Passionfruit, Vanilla, Tonka Bean

hand holding a bottle of noteworthy perfume with the card that talks about it

noteworthy box at door

It’s worth noting a few more things…

In addition to their nearly 90% success rate for helping people find a unique new scent, Noteworthy scents are also made in the USA with plant-minded packaging for minimal impact. They are also made cruelty-free, without dyes, parabens, or phthalates and have vegan options available. Keep in mind that noteworthy scents are unisex, so they make the perfect gift for guys or gals! 🎁

Need to see an allergens list?

Just send an email to with a specific allergen or ingredient you would like to inquire about and someone from Noteworthy Scents will get back to you shortly.

woman holding perfume and box

Hip Sidekick, Monica, was SO PLEASED with her Noteworthy experience! Here’s what she had to say…

“This process was so fun! I loved the questions in the sample matching process, and the perfumes they picked for me were spot on. Ironically, a couple of the perfumes I would never pick for myself and I ended up really enjoying them!
All in all the perfumes are great quality and I am so impressed with each one I tried. I’ll be using n057 daily!”

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