Reformed and rehabilitated former frauditor, “Legalize Drugs,” a/k/a Marc Joseph Stout, has formally and officially accepted the newly-branded and -introduced ‘Long Island Audit Plea.’ Mr. Stout has agreed to good behavior for one year, which means no frauditing for that period of time. Mr. Stout has agreed to remain away, for one year, from the police station that Mr. Stout was filming. Mr. Stout has agreed to pay the costs of the prosecution.

Mr. Stout was charged over a year ago with two crimes for filming a police station from a city sidewalk. Mr. Stout now calls a truce with all of the district, commonwealth, city, and town attorney’s offices nationwide. Will they accept? Mr. Stout will be reaching out to the media in a coordinated effort with the prosecutor’s office to release the news.

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