In this workshop, DesegregateCT Director Pete Harrison reviews the opportunities and challenges of promoting the organization’s key priority of Transit-Oriented Communities in Connecticut. Participants review land use research pulled from our first-of-its kind Zoning Atlas, discuss winning and losing zoning reform strategies at the local and state level, and explore a brief case study of a TOC Walk Audit conducted by DesegregateCT in a small city in Connecticut.

DesegregateCT is a pro-homes coalition of over 80 nonprofit and neighborhood groups in Connecticut advocating for local and state-wide zoning reforms to create a more equitable, prosperous, and sustainable state. As a program of the Regional Plan Association, DesegregateCT focuses on education, research, and advocacy to provide data-driven solutions to the state’s growing housing crisis.

Pete Harrison is the Director of DesegregateCT. He has over a decade of experience in housing policy and tenant organizing. Previously, he was senior housing policy advisor for Data for Progress, a progressive think tank, where he co-authored the Homes for All report and advised on the presidential campaigns of Vice President Harris, Senators Sanders and Warren, and former HUD Secretary Castro. He also previously researched housing and climate policy at the Buell Center at Columbia University. In another life, Pete co-founded two startup companies and is on faculty at the City University of New York teaching about tech strategy.



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