Even if you did not grow up in Rhode Island, you’re welcome to join, “Grew Up In Rhode Island”, our Facebook group with over 36,000 members. They are invited to use Ri4CTV as a way to capture their Rhode Island experience in the reality TV series, “Grew Up In Rhode Island”, where they will in the future be able to recall what they did when they “Grew Up In Rhode Island”. The Ri4CTV series is produced using a new type of visual storytelling enabled by first-of-its-kind technology aboard a self-flying camera from California-based Skydio. If you would like to capture a visual story about someone, an event, or a place somewhere in Rhode Island or elsewhere, please contact Ri4CTV.

Season 1: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSZkjvBonx3P8t98rbddiXDXkPNebOTBK

#Ri4CTV #GrewUpInRhodeIsland #DoRiNow #Providence

This video is the first in the secondary TV series, “Grew Up In RI”, which is a collection of videos for use in support of the primary TV series, “Grew Up In Rhode Island”. All are done for the purposes of our Facebook group whose name is, “Grew Up In Rhode Island”.

Upload: “Grew Up In Rhode Island S0E1 Facebook Group”



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