Here’s How 1Password Saves Me Time & Keeps My Info Safe

Keep your information secure with 1Password, the world’s most loved password manager. 

Woman using 1Password

I used 1Password for an entire year. It saved me time AND a headache.  

Do you ever get sick of trying to remember all of your passwords? Me too! It seems like every platform I use has a different password requirement and those requirements keep getting more and more complex.

Just recently, I was asked to create a password that must be 12 characters long and include a capital letter, at least 1 number, and a special character.🫠 Talk about frustrating to remember! That’s why a little over a year ago, I made the leap and tried a free family trial of 1Password.

I thought I would be getting a program that stores my passwords for me so that I only need to remember one single master password. It turns out I received that and so much more, including document storage and sharing capabilities! It also comes with a browser extension and a phone app, so no matter which device I use, I always have the power of 1Password at my fingertips!

What is 1Password and why is it the most-loved password manager?

1Password Password Management System

1Password makes it so that users only need to remember one master password. That’s it. You won’t believe the time you’ll save! And it’s all available to you for less than the cost of a monthly Starbucks drink (more on that in a bit).

As a user, the 1Password system stores all of my other passwords for me in my own personal vault – bank passwords, credit cards, utility accounts, you name it. When I go to log in to one of those accounts, the 1Password browser extension automatically auto-fills the right password for me. It’s pretty awesome how fast I can sign in now! 💻

Woman using 1password in home office

Here’s how to save on a 1Password plan…

1Password Family Plan $4.99/month or $59.88 billed annually
Score 50% off when you sign up using this link
Final cost $2.50/month or just $30 billed annually!

Note: Subscription prices during your registry are shown at full price but the discount you are due will be noted on each page.

For example, when you follow our link, you should see the following screen with the 50% off discount noted:

Man signing up for 1Password at a 50%

Once you create your account, you’ll see a similar message to the one below. It shows the regular pricing (may vary depending on the plan you choose) with a confirmation that you’ll receive a 50% discount for 12 months:

The 1Password discount notification example

If you see this wording, you should receive the discount once your free trial expires and you are billed for services.

What are the benefits of using 1Password?

1Password comes with some useful and practical features that I really enjoy. The top benefits I’ve seen so far include:

1. Storage and Organization

1Password Storage Capabilities
I signed up for a family trial so I could create multiple “vaults”. These are where I can organize and store an unlimited amount of passwords and a total of up to 1GB of personal documents!

I have four vaults and each has different access rights. Some vaults are for my personal and work-related passwords and files, and only I have access to them. Another one is a vault we share, with the passwords to our utility accounts and streaming services.

2. Sharing Capabilities

1Password sharing capabilities

1Password allows users to share documents or passwords. If I want to share a password with my sister, I can send her a direct link to access the information. The link expires after 7 days (or up to 30 days based on my settings).

The link she receives is just a web copy of my information as of the time I sent it to her. That means if I update my password in the future, she will not see the change and will need to re-request access. 😎

3. Security Benefits

1Password Security Measures

Perhaps the biggest benefit of 1Password is its devotion to security. The 1Password team works with the best security experts to make sure their system and its coding are foolproof. All of my information is secure using 256-bit AES encryption.

In fact, my information is end-to-end encrypted. In simple terms, that means my data is turned into a code which makes it difficult for anyone to understand. And because I only interact with the genuine 1Password server, my password can’t be intercepted.

And, all information entered into my 1Password vault is heavily encrypted and only I have the key to decrypt it. Not even 1Password can see my data which means they can’t use, share, or sell it!

Who should use 1Password?

woman on laptop

There are various 1Password plans available to fit your needs. They have plans for individuals, families, teams, and businesses. Pretty much anyone who has several passwords and requires a safe place to store their information can benefit from 1Password!

Plus, families with minor children will appreciate being able to limit access to certain information, like legal documents or credit card numbers, while sharing other data, like the Netflix password.

I’ve only tested out the family trial, however, I can see how this password management system would be excellent for businesses, too. Big or small, any companies that share sensitive information and need various permission levels can do so with ease using 1Password.

All in all, would I recommend 1Password?

Woman using a laptop computer

I think it’s worth the try! Depending on your amount of passwords and your level of encrypted internet activity, some may get more use out of it than others. That’s why they offer it 14 days for FREE so you can test it out to determine if you’d want to continue using this security service with an individual or family plan.

And if you do love the service, remember you can save 50% with our links on individual plans or family plans!

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