Highly-Rated Outward Hound Dog Puzzle Toys from $7.74 on Amazon (Reg. $17) Outward Hound Dog Puzzle Toys Only $5 on Amazon (Regularly $17)


Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle Game Dog Toys - Dog Brick with pup

Amazon has deals on dog toys that will make you howl 🐕

Through November 27th, go on over to Amazon where they are offering money-saving deals on Outward Hound dog puzzle toys!

Outward Hound makes excellent puzzle games of various levels and stages for dogs of every age!

These highly-rated interactive puzzle games features 3 different levels of puzzle games, so your dog will be challenged but not frustrated. Better yet, all of these toys are BPA, PVC & PHTHALATE-FREE!

Start the fun with your doggo with these deals…

dog sniffing a puzzle dog toy

dog looking at dog puzzle

a dog playing with Outward Hound's Green Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy

Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle Game Dog Toys- Puppy Tornado

Dog playing with the Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Hide N' Slide Purple Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy

blue heeler dog playing with puzzle treat toy on floor

Check out a couple of these tail-wagging reviews…

Our female hound dog/who knows what mix loves this thing. She will hound us (see, a pun) to get it out so she can puzzle out the treats. Interestingly enough, her first response when she smelled the hidden treats was to bark at us and look at the device as in “Hey human, there are treats here. Get them for me”.

Once she figured out we weren’t going to do that she settled down to figure it out on her own. Which she did rather quickly. We’ve used this with her 2 or 3 times and while she eventually gets all of the treats she is still a bit random about how she goes about it but improving. I think it’s very entertaining for her.

I have a young Great Pyrenees/Husky mix. Everyone knows a bored Husky is not a happy Husky- this puzzle is one of her favorites. We have others but she gets so excited when she sees this one. The lids that flip open are easily removed (by her every time) and pop back in easily. It’s even held up to her frustrated bites where she’s nibbled at the corners.

I give her this puzzle about 3x a week when I leave for work and I know she stays busy for at least 30 minutes.

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