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Selena Gomez has built up quite the real estate profile for herself. She has bought some pretty gorgeous mansions from the various neighborhoods of LA to her home-state of Texas. She currently resides in the late Tom Petty’s old estate in Encino, complete with all the amenities fit for a pop start. But the journey here has been a long one and Selena has had plenty of other properties along the way. To begin with, Selena was not born of means, and grew up in a modest home with her mother in Grand Prairie Texas. Since rising to stardom, she has purchased digs in Calabasas, home to the Kardashians and the like, as well as Studio City, Tarzana, and Monserrat, a wealthy suburb of Fort Worth, Texas.. Each home has its unique features made even more unique with Selena’s added touches, from boho chic to a more elegant, neutral palette. Several of the spaces are ideal for hosting, as they include private theaters, media rooms, and outdoor spaces. Each yard is stunning and complete with pools, sports courts, and cooking areas. Walk-in closets, yoga studios and spaces, and standalone tubs with spa features are just among the several features perfect for deep relaxation after a hectic schedule.


00:00 Intro
00:20 Humble beginnings
01:30 Encino Property
02:08 The House Burnt to the Ground
03:09 Texas Retreat
04:14 Outdoor space
04:58 Calabasas Oasis
06:11 Backyard Bliss
06:47 Tarzana House
07:51 Flipping the Jonah Hill House
08:22 Studio City Haven
09:27 Fit for a Star
10:08 End

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Written by: Lori Felipe-Barkin
Narrated by: Lori Felipe-Barkin
Edited by: Steven Suñe

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