Kelly Osbourne Admits She “Went a Little Too Far” With Weight Loss

Of course, this isn’t the first time Kelly has candidly spoken out about her post-baby appearance. In fact, she recently addressed rumors she got plastic surgery after people commented on her face shape.

“I’ve done Botox,” she told Daily Mail in an interview published Sept. 5. “Now that I’ve lost weight, everybody is criticizing and trying to figure out what it is that I’ve done, and I really just lost some weight.”

The former reality TV star continued, “I’ve never had any procedure like plastic surgery.”

While Kelly revealed she’s lost 85 pounds since welcoming her son, she also noted that her past gastric sleeve surgery has helped her throughout her weight loss journey.

“The road to happiness is different for everybody,” she told the outlet, “and I think that instead of picking apart the journey, they should just be happy that you reached your destination.”

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