Latest Casino Movie Releases: Films for Gambling Enthusiasts

Gambling is a classic topic for movies: multiple masterpieces were filmed during the last decades. The growing popularity of the newest casino brands increases interest in the industry: users prefer not only to spin the reel in top slots but also to learn about others’ experiences.

Gambling fans might have already seen the iconic “21” and “The Gambler.” Luckily, the list of casino movies is not limited to them – numerous exciting pictures have been released in the past few years. We bet you haven’t watched at least one of them yet!

Top Modern Films with Casino Experience

Many say gambling movies are quite typical and similar, but it doesn’t make them any less exciting for viewers. Pictures often show the world of gambling as it really is: cruel, risky, and sometimes even fatal. The three new films described below will definitely capture your attention.

The Card Counter

The film The Card Counter was released in 2021 and immediately attracted the audience. And it’s not surprising – Martin Scorsese is the real industry icon. Together with Paul Schrader, he managed to create an engaging plot with a fantastic twist. The protagonist, William Tell, learned to count in prison.

After the end of the term, the man decides to play in the casino, using his newly acquired knowledge. Gambling modestly is among his main principles because in this case, no attention is paid to the winner. During this time, the player meets Cirk, a soldier who is experiencing difficulties in life and suffers from a thirst for revenge.
William decides to help his new friend pay off his debts and help him start a new life. To achieve this, he participates in the poker championship and wins an impressive amount.
The protagonist hurries up to please his friend with great news but is late: he receives the news that Cirk has been killed. Annoyed by this event, the protagonist enters into a fight with the killer and emerges victorious. Unfortunately, he ends up where he started, in prison.

Uncut Gems

This crime thriller movie directed by Josh and Benny Safdie received high ratings from viewers and critics. The picture describes perfectly the life of a gambling addict and all the harmful consequences of this entertainment. Howard Rutner, the protagonist, is an owner of a jewellery store.

The man suffers from a gambling addiction and tries to cover all the debts he has due to his inability to stop playing casinos. Two years before these events, a rare opal was found in an Ethiopian mine – and the protagonist decides to buy it and then resell it at auction for a million dollars. Howard receives the stone, and on the same day, a famous basketball player, a member of the Celtic steam, comes and literally falls in love with the unique opal. He asks him to give it for good luck before the match.

The athlete later purchases the stone, giving Howard a significant amount, $175.000. Do you think the protagonist covered his gambling debts? Not at all. He spends all the money on bets again, which again turns out troublesome for him.

Molly’s Game

This movie shows all the attractiveness and pitfalls of underground gaming houses – and a woman is a protagonist, which is not typical for this genre. Aaron Sorkin, the director, knew how to capture viewers’ attention. Molly Bloom, the story’s protagonist, achieved significant success in skiing, but a serious injury dashed her dreams of a sports career.

The young woman moves to Los Angeles and engages in the gambling world, learning it from the inside. The new knowledge motivates her to launch an underground casino, quickly becoming popular among wealthy people. However, troubles with the local mafia force Molly to move to New York – and she starts her way from the beginning.
The underground casino is not considered illegal since the woman only profits from tips without setting participation fees. Such an approach doesn’t bring significant income, so she decides to take money from players’ stakes. It eventually leads to trouble: Molly is robbed and beaten, and she becomes a drug addict.
The movie shows all the shortcomings of underground casinos and the main character’s difficult path to success.

Anticipated Casino Movie Releases in 2023

It seems that all the iconic gambling pictures have already been filmed, but directors will never get bored with being inspired by the casino theme. Therefore, some loud releases await viewers in the future.

For instance, “Quiz Lady” will be available on 3rd November. Moreover, “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar” was released at the end of September – and we are confident you’ve missed this amazing movie with Benedict Cumberbatch.

Final Verdict

Casino movies never lose their relevance among the audience – their thrill captures from the first shot. Apart from fictional movies, there are documentaries like Inside the Edge, which opens the realities of the gambling world.

Exciting and informative plots show viewers the inner side of the gambling world and the unpleasant consequences of this entertainment. What would you choose – a classic movie or a new release?

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