Fellow Patriots & Freedom Lovers, Today we will be reacting to the unlawful arrest of a legally blind man by a self proclaimed tyrant, a deputy who works for the Columbia County Sheriffs Office in Florida. I am joined today by Chief Jeffery Scott (Retired) & Detective Sgt. Banic. We would all like to get together once a month to discuss videos like the one featured today, Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Please be sure to hit the like button and share! it truly helps spread this around for more Patriots to see it and I appreciate it!

If you feel the need to peacefully petition your grievances to your government OR commend any public servants on their behavior regarding this incident I will leave public contact information below. Always remember, this is your right under the 1st Amendment to the U.S Constitution!

Columbia County, Florida
Sheriff’s Office

(386) 752-9212


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Disclaimer :
Video is for educational purpose only,
The legal topics covered in Long Island Audit are designed to be educational
and informative , and should not serve as legal advice under any circumstances. The contents of this video is in no way intended to provoke,
incite, or shock the viewer. This video was created to educate citizens about constitutionally protected activities, law, and civilian rights, and emphasize
the importance of constitutional awareness.



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