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LinkedIn Adds New Relationship Management Elements to Sales Navigator


LinkedIn continues to double, and triple-down on AI, this time in its Sales Navigator platform, with two new additions designed to help marketers hone in on more viable prospects.

The first update is a new element called “Account IQ”, which uses generative AI to provide an overview of a specific business.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Account IQ

As you can see in this example, Account IQ can give you info on a company’s current performance, its strategic priorities, key challenges, top executives, and more.

As per LinkedIn:

“[Account IQ] blends valuable, real-time LinkedIn first party data – such as people, LinkedIn posts, and workforce trends – with third party data, to create a holistic snapshot of a company.”

It could be a handy way to get a better handle on prospects quickly, though you probably also want to make sure that info is accurate before you start quoting such in your sales calls.

AI tools do have a tendency to “hallucinate”.

The second new element is a “Relationship Map”, which is “a visual representation of buyer circle hierarchies” within a given organization.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Relationship Map

As you can see in this example, Relationship Map, as it sounds, will give you insights into how different staff work together, and keep you updated on relevant opportunities to reach out and connect, along with a broader understanding of who it is you’re connecting with.

“With highlights for crucial events, like recent job changes or mentions in the news, Relationship Map offers opportunities to build relationships with multiple decision-makers, avoiding the risk of deal stall should another critical relationship cool off. It also makes it easier for account teams to collaborate more effectively on account strategy, with a real-time, shareable view of who’s who’s that everyone can access.”

Relationship Map will also highlight recent LinkedIn posts by these contacts, giving you an easy way to remain on their radar in the app.

These are some handy additions, which will have varying level of value for different marketers, depending on your focus.

But they could provide you with more ways to stay in touch with relevant contacts, and facilitate more engagement as a result.

You can read about LinkedIn’s latest Sales Navigator updates here.

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