How do we get from Web2 to Web3? Join us on our next Linqto Learn: New Economic Models in Web3 on Sept 22nd; we’ll sit down with experts to find out what is important when looking at Web3 and how a Web2.5 layer can be key to a successful transition:

Erica Lill, Advisor, IRIS Family Office
Reggie Middleton, Founder & CEO, Veritaseum
Bryant Hayward, Chief Investment Officer, De La Pryn – Single Family Office

Family Offices and investors around the world are adapting to a new era, one where high inflation, rising interest rates, and disrupted supply chains are forcing them to review their investment options. For positive thinkers, we can agree that the environment we’re in is a good opportunity to reconsider strategic asset allocation. But what does this mean exactly? According to The Global Family Office Report 2022, family offices are shifting from fixed income allocations to investments in private equity, real estate, and private debt. In other words, they are sacrificing liquidity for returns. Why?

As family offices increase their allocations in the private market, what are they looking at? What are they evaluating? And how do they mitigate risk? Usually, the implications of inflation can be evaluated with the historical correlation of assets, from gold to real estate. However, today we have new assets in the picture: cryptocurrencies and blockchain, as well as a growing focus on impact investment and ESG. So, what are family office thoughts on these types of investments moving forward?



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