Nobody is perfect 100% of the time. We all make mistakes. But one of the goals in life should be to AVOID making COSTLY MISTAKES. When selling your home, the mission is to do whatever might be necessary to maximize your value and to AVOID UNFORCED ERRORS that could end up reducing your bottom line by thousands of dollars.

Our REAL ESTATE 101 blog posts started as an offshoot of my REAL ESTATE 101 Radio Show in Providence, Rhode Island. And now my team and I are making the leap to video, so that we can cover all kinds of tips, tricks and issues… including the basics of Home Buying or Home Selling.

This particular video is part of a REAL ESTATE 101 offshoot that’s dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to educating the public on the MISTAKES THAT SELLER MAKE, WHEN SELLING THEIR HOME. This is MISTAKE #2.

If you have a TOPIC or QUESTION that you’d like us to cover in a future video, please drop it in the comments.

We get calls and emails everyday from people just like you, looking for help with selling their home, or with buying a home. If you happen to have questions – we’re easy to reach for a no-nonsense conversation, or a professional analysis of your home’s value. Whether buying or selling… one call does it all!

Don’t be shy. We love hearing from interesting people, such as YOURSELF, during business hours… 7 days per week!

**All stats, data, house pricing, and anything else mentioned is always subject to change and is provided merely as an example at the time of this recording**

Donnie Bennett, REALTOR® in RHODE ISLAND | License: S34956
Amy Medeiros, REALTOR® in RHODE ISLAND | License: S46664
Luna Arias, REALTOR® in RHODE ISLAND | License: S41781
John Prak-Martins, REALTOR® in RHODE ISLAND | License: S46352

The Donnie Bennett Team is Brokered by Blackstone/Ocean Properties

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