Nancy Pelosi’s husband is arrested for DUI in Napa  

Nancy Pelosi’s husband has been arrested in Napa on suspicion of driving under the influence.   Paul Pelosi, 82, was booked on two counts for the incident in Napa, California, shortly before midnight last night. understands he was arrested by members of California Highway Patrol at 11.44pm. He was booked in Napa County Jail at 4.13am on Sunday morning.  The two misdemeanor charges are driving under the influence and driving with a blood alcohol content level of 0.08 or higher.  He is believed to have been released after posting $5,000 in bail.  Nancy has not yet commented on his arrested.  She made no mention of it while giving a commencement speech to graduating students at Brown University in Rhode Island on Sunday.  The couple own a vineyard in Napa, in addition to a home in nearby San Francisco, but she does not drink, according to previous statements given by her representatives.  The sprawling estate is one of many the couple owns.  Neighbors were unaware of Paul’s arrest.  One vineyard owner who lives nearby told the couple often block the road with their convoy of blacked-out SUVs when they come to town, but that they didn’t seen anything this weekend.  Some suggested that Paul might have been attending the Bottle Rocks festival which Snoop Dogg was playing at this weekend.  ‘It probably tracks more with the younger Paul,’ the neighbor said, referring to the couple’s 53-year-old son, Paul Pelosi Jr.  ‘I wouldn’t be going to the kinds of fundraisers and parties they go to. I don’t like them very much or find them very interesting,’ the vineyard owner said.  The property on Zinfandel Lane sits on the banks of the Napa River and features a tennis court.  Neighboring vineyards have told in the past how the couple throws lavish parties for Silicon Valley executives.  He has raked in millions through investments in tech companies like Alphabet, Google’s parent company, and Disney.  The couple’s vineyard is not open to the public but they made wine from it which they sell.  California Highway Patrol has not issued any public information about Pelosi’s arrest.   Pelosi previously faced criticism over her husband’s profiteering on tech stocks at a time when their security was being debated by the House.  He bet millions on the future of Alphabet and Apple.  On May 21 last year, Paul also bought 20 call options for Amazon, with a strike price of $3,000, as well as 50 call options of Apple stock, with a strike price of $100.  Both expire in June 2022. Pelosi’s arrest was first reported by TMZ.   The couple have been married since 1963.  

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