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Best Navey Slide Day Ever 1192

We’re looking for the family!! The dogs and I don’t know where anyone is, it’s like they are playing hide n seek from us. We find them all in Adley’s room (remember when we did the room switch?) and the kiddos are getting ready to go outside. It’s a beautiful day and we decide that we are going to go for a looong long walk to pirate island.

I grab my one wheel hoverboard, Adley and Niko Bear jump in their new electric jeep, and Jenny and Baby Navey get the stroller and we are off on our journey. The kiddos have fun taking turns driving, we have an experiment if I can push Navey in her stroller while I ride the onewheel, and we say hi to some farm animals!! We almost get to the lake lot when Adley suddenly turns her little car and heads towards a park. We have never played her before so the kiddos are super excited. The have a few races, Adley has lots of fun on the monkey bars, and Baby Navey goes down a slide for the very first time. So cute!!

We get to pirate island and immediately start pretend playing pirates, burying treasure and having a battle with the Adley and Jenny fairies!! All the fun at pirate island makes us want to watch our memories of the lake lot. So we head home and set up a movie theater so we can watch some of our favorite vlogs at pirate island. You guys can watch along with us.

I love that it’s getting warmer, that we are going to be spending more time outside having fun at the lake, in the backyard, and at parks. So ready for more Best Days Ever!!

Watch Adley’s last video: PET RESCUE on the BEACH!! Baby Mermaid Shell buried at pirate island, Adley & Niko take care of them

Watch yesterday’s Best Day Ever: the MONSTER TRUCK is BACK!!!! mini jeep surprise for Adley & Niko! thanks Jenny & Spacestation ❤️

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