The Next Nintendo DIrect Could BE Soon? it seems nintendo 2022 nintendo switch leaks are still coming in with this new nintendo switch leak! a nintendo leak that could mean HUGE things for the next 2022 mini nintendo direct that could potentially hold new nintendo switch games like the legend of zelda breath of the wild 2, a zelda anniversary collection, bayonneta 3 and even pikmin 4?!

Nintendo has already released the legend of zelda skyward sword hd on the switch and could be well on thier way to release the legend of zelda wind waker and the legend of zelda twlight princess! they alredy released fire emblems three hopes & super mario strikers! BUT nintendo hasnt give any nintendo updates on bayonneta 3, metroid prime 4, and other big nintendo switch games like splatoon 3 other switch games but most of these nintendo news story revolve around nintendo 2022 and not nintendo 2023 and beyound..

the latest round of the latest switch leaks and switch rumors games like a 2d donkey kong country switch, The legend of zelda breath of the wild 2, pikmin 4 and ALOT more nintendo games are shown which could be shown at a july 2022 nintendo direct making it a VERY BIG nintendo direct for us nintendo switch owner!.even if they just at the june 2022 nintendo direct ( mini nintendo direct ) Nintendo still hasnt set up Nintendo 2022 and some games on this list could be a the next nintendo direct!

we talk about all this and more here on the robo tron show were we cover the latest nintendo switch leaks, nintendo news and other video game topics from sony, microsoft and nintendo. for more gaming news subscribe to robo rob gaming today!

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