1) Workshop Welcome and Introduction: Jaime Palter and Paula Bontempi (URI), Jessica Cross (NOAA/PMEL), Heather Benway (OCB/WHOI)
Session 1: MRV lessons from land-based CDR, blue carbon and ocean acidification research
2 MRV lessons from Wetland Restoration and other Nature-Based Climate Solutions (Patty Oikawa, CSU East Bay, virtual)
3) Keynote 2. Simon Freeman (ARPA-E)
4) Session 1 Panel Discussion: Simon Freeman (ARPA-E), Calden Stimpson (Booz Allen Hamilton/ARPA-E), Patty Oikawa (CSU East Bay, virtual), Nora Cohen Brown (Charm Industrial, virtual), Patrick Duke (Univ. Victoria), Matthew Eisaman (Stony Brook Univ.), Stephanie Arcusa (Arizona State Univ., virtual)
5) Panelist (non-speaker) introductions (3 mins. each)
6) Open Q&A and Discussion
7) Round 1 Lightning Talks (3 mins and 2 slides/speaker): Mu, Remsen

From OCB’s workshop:
Marine Carbon Dioxide Removal: Essential Science and Problem Solving for Measurement, Reporting, and Verification Workshop (URI, September 27-30, 2022)
Learn more: https://www.us-ocb.org/marine-co2-removal-workshop/



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