Palia Interactive Map and Locations for Ore, Hunting, and More

New MMORPG Palia has launched into Open Beta with a vast fantasy world ready to explore, jam-packed not only with charming villagers to befriend and romance, but plenty of bugs to catch, ore to mine, and fantastical creatures to hunt. Palia may be known as a “cozy” MMORPG, but the classic MMO grind is still present; you’ll need to spend a fair bit of time levelling up your skills and gathering resources to progress.

Fortunately, you can avoid running in circles around Kilima Valley or Bahari Bay looking for resource nodes: IGN’s Palia interactive map is here to help you plot out the perfect farming routes, so you can track down where ore, bugs, and creatures spawn in no time flat.

We are currently updating our Palia interactive map to include not only the node spawn locations of essential resources such as Copper, but helpful markers to point out where you can find Treasure Chests, Recipe pieces, and other collectibles.

Palia Open Beta Interactive Map

You can use our interactive map of Palia to filter the locations of resources and creatures that respawn consistently, such as:

  • Foragable Plants
  • Ore Deposits
  • Bugs
  • Sernuk
  • Chapaa

Don’t want the map to look so crowded? Use the map marker filters to view only what you need to see! Hide whole categories of map markers, or select individual markers to toggle them between “hidden” and “visible”. This way you aren’t getting the spawn locations for Sernuk and Chapaa all mixed up.

Select the "Sernuk" map marker to make all Sernuk spawn locations visible or hidden.
Select the “Sernuk” map marker to make all Sernuk spawn locations visible or hidden.

Switch between Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay maps and use these filters to narrow down the best farming routes for resources. In desperate need of Copper Bars? Swap to our interactive map of Kilima Valley to view all the Copper Ore deposit nodes that spawn only in the valley surrounding Kilima Village.

You can even check off your collectible progress using the Palia interactive map. Select a marker on the map to view a specific item or collectible, and use the checkbox to mark it as “completed”. Your checklist data is stored online, so this way you can return to the Palia interactive map at anytime to keep track of which Treasure Chests you have yet to find.

Need help getting started in Palia? Check out our Palia guide for tips and tricks and helpful how-to guides to ease you into your new life in Kilima Valley.

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