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Pinterest Shares its 2024 Trend Predictions Based on In-App Engagement Data


Pinterest has published its annual “Pinterest Predicts” trend report, which highlights some of the top rising trends, based on search activity in the app, as well as Pinterest’s own analysis of where things are headed based on such.

The report aims to help Pin marketers identify key areas of opportunity, as they go about their future strategic planning in the app.

And Pinterest claims that its predictions are highly accurate.

As per Pinterest:

“Because people use Pinterest to plan, we have unique early insight into what people are going to do, try or buy next. Western Gothic. Hot Metals. Blue Beauty. These are just a few of the trends we’re calling for next year across ten different categories. And these are trends you can trust: In fact, 80% of the trends we predicted for the last four years came true.”

I mean, there are variables within that calculation, but basically, Pinterest’s team is very good at pinpointing rising topics of interest, based on platform usage data.

So what does Pinterest predict is coming next?

This year’s trend report is in a new format, with a range of topics displayed floating on the main screen, which you can tap into for more information.

Pinterest Predicts 2023

Tapping into any trend will then bring up a one-page overview of that specific topic, with trending search terms, example Pins, and more.

Pinterest Predicts 2023

Though you can also download a more succinct overview of the 23 trends highlighted, with a 6-page PDF summary.

Pinterest Predicts 2023

Pinterest’s key trend predictions include “Western goth”, jellyfish-inspired design, vintage jazz, 70s-inspired weddings, home aquarium architecture, ceramic piggy banks, and badminton.

Yep, there are some unusual ones in there, but again, Pinterest says that its predictions are 80% accurate, so who are we to judge?

You can check out Pinterest’s full overviews of each of these trends on the dedicated mini-site.

On another worthy note, Pinterest also says that younger users are paying more attention in the app:

In 2023, we saw an increase in Gen Z and Millennials engaging with trends in our annual report and taking action on these predictions. According to our latest research, Gen Z saves at a higher rate across Pinterest Predicts compared to all other age groups. And last year, we saw a 25% increase in saves related to all Pinterest Predicts 2023 trends among Millennials.”

Over time, Pinterest usage has been largely dominated by middle-aged women, but its value is now seemingly increasing for more audiences, which is also a valuable point.

As part of its annual Predictions, Pinterest also says that brand partners will be able to sponsor a Pinterest Predicts trend this year, “which includes specific rights to a trend in your country and a custom badge for your ads”.

So if you were looking for a more direct way to utilize these insights in your marketing, that might be it.

It’s an interesting overview of the key topics of interest among Pinners, and where the platform is seeing engagement. And at 482 million users, and rising, who all come to the platform with purchase intent, it may well be worth considering your Pin options in 2024.

You can check out Pinterest’s full “Pinterest Predicts” report here.


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