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WEEK OF August 21 – 2 7, 2023

Virgo season brings not just the first hint of seasonal change, but for you, Pisces, the promise of a romantic renaissance! For a month starting this Wednesday, August 23, the sparkling Sun will dance through your seventh house of partnerships and sprinkle pixie dust in your interactions. This a very “we”-focused cycle, and el Sol’s illuminating beams can bring clarity about the nature of key relationships—and possibly shine a light toward a soulmate if you’re single. If you ARE hoping to change that status, don’t expect a perfect mate to fall into your lap. It’s up to YOU to put in the effort to meet someone. So make a point of getting out and mingling more frequently—and enthusiastically. One tiny caveat: Since Virgo rules this realm, and its energy can be a bit, uh, picky, watch for a cameo by your inner critic, who may be a little too quick to dismiss people because of how they dress or where they work. Practice being more open-minded and accepting in your initial interactions. Couples may feel like things are “good enough,” but this is actually a great time for a heart-felt “what’s next” conversation. But be smart and strategic—i.e., don’t initiate a talk when you sense that bae is tired or cranky.

Also on Wednesday, messenger Mercury turns retrograde in Virgo and could stall initiatives on the relationship front for the next three weeks (until September 15). So even as you’re getting ready to hit the gas and be more proactive about getting your needs and desires met, you may experience pushback or resistance. Focus on what you can control, but don’t force things you can’t. What could YOU do to bring more satisfaction? Since retrogrades rule the past, don’t be surprised if an ex or two resurface during this cycle. If you left anything dangling ambiguously, this is a great time to bring closure for once and for all. A silver lining might be found by tracking what you like most—or miss—about this old flame. For instance, if they brought out a side of you that no one else does, find healthy outlets to draw out these qualities yourself. A full-throttle night on the dance floor or getting more involved with a certain group could boost your confidence and potentially lead to a solid new connection.

Regardless of what you do—or don’t do—things could heat up to the boiling point on Sunday or sometime over the ensuing six and a half weeks, thanks to the arrival of passionate Mars into Libra, its first visit to this erotic zone in nearly two years. Enjoy this biennial “heat wave,” knowing that with your mojo dialed up until October 12, you’ll be the hottest thing around. But don’t let that go to your head or blind you to your non-negotiables and deal breakers. Even if you think you can handle something casual, think again. If you know you’re playing for keeps, make sure your words and actions support that. Currently dating someone? Strengthen your exclusivity clause or come right out and ask for the assurance you need—if it’s appropriate for the current phase of the relationship. Mars can be a double-edged sword: feisty and flirty, but also aggressive. Remember, Pisces: You want to seduce potential partners, not overwhelm or scare them away.

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