RCS messages finally reach iPhones with a third-party app

Apple has been avoiding the adoption of RCS messages ever since Google introduced the standard, but now iPhone users finally can use the service through a third-party app Beeper.

The application aims to bundle all messaging systems under one roof, and its latest update added Google Messages to the iPhone.

RCS messages finally reach iPhones with a third-party app

RCS is short for Rich Communication Services and brings features such as encryption, read and typing indications, which is Google’s own solution for messages. Apple users have to enable the feat by downloading the latest version of Beeper Desktop and then heading to the settings actually to activate the platform.

The biggest downside of Beeper is its waitlist to join, so new users might have to wait a bit. Also, since Google Messages support is still in beta, some might have issues with avatars, history, and read receipts in group chats, among others.

There’s also the major issue whether you’d want to have your messages go through another app just for the sake of convenience, but if you trust Beeper, it sounds like the service to use for RCS messaging.


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