Learn more about the Cleantech Open Northeast accelerator from companies that have gone through it! Beth Zonis from Cleantech Open Northeast will share how to apply as a Rhode Island company. Then, Thorne Sparkman of Slater Fund will speak with Ben Sorkin of Flux Marine and Derek Stein of TechStyle Materials about their experience in the program.

Recorded: March 18, 2021

(00:00) The session is introduced

(00:54) Director of CleanTech Open Northeast, Beth Zonis, begins the session with a presentation explaining what CleanTech Open is and how to apply

(10:24) Our first panelist and the Director of Slater Technology Fund, Throne Sparkman is introduced. Throne explains why Slater Technology Fund supports CleanTech Open and how Slater Technology is making it easier for Rhode Island teams to participate.

(18:04) Our second panelist and the Founder of Techstyle Materials, Derek Stein is introduced and shares their story.

(24:48) Our third panelist and the CEO of Flux Marine, Benjamin Sorkin, is introduced and shares their story.

(27:41) Director of CleanTech Open Northeast, Beth Zonis, asks Benjamin Sorkin and Derek Stein what the next steps are for their ventures.

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Connect with our speakers:
— Cleantech Open Northeast: https://www.cleantechopen.org/en/page/northeast-en
— Slater Technology Fund: https://slaterfund.com/
— Flux Marine: https://www.fluxmarine.com/
— Techstyle Materials: https://greentownlabs.com/members/techstyle-materials/

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— Website: https://districthallprovidence.org
— Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/venture-caf-district-hall-providence/
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