It’s time the world learns to do it all by yourself.

No matter how young or old you are.

Sharing my 30 years of knowledge in the Fashion & Textile Industry to the World started making a very protective Covid-19 N95 Mask that actually protects you even from the common cold. Lightweight breathable

RIBSTOP is now the fabric of choice after intensive research and expert advice from those in the know, along with Tina’s knowledge on using Copper Wire Frame around the nose, as the best-known virus repellent metal.

Her masks allow you to wear SUNGLASSES, especially since we all use them in the summer months. Veterans who uphold the Constitution agree that only if its a symbol of “patriotism” will they wear a mask. Tina wants everyone protected — with or without a pandemic. She is about saving lives, especially our children.

These are great for running, biking, sports, hiking, walking, sailing, tennis, volleyball, golf, and many more sports.

Don’t let this pandemic stop you from doing what you love to do, because you have to wear a mask.

Visit my website as your donations towards the Melo Project Runway For Youth will support children in the Arts, Fashion, and Empowerment after this Virus is long gone. I can go back to teaching those born with disabilities and from underprivileged families.

Place your order now.

Join me on this journey of creativity.

Let’s get started.

Tina Melo
RISD ’86 Apparel



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