Seven Things You Need to Know About Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most beloved role-playing games of all time, and its endearing cast is a big reason for its ongoing popularity. Every FFVII fan has spent some quality playtime with the former SOLDIER Cloud, the martial artist Tifa, the flower girl Aerith, and the rest of the misfit AVALANCHE resistance members. We love them, but maybe it’s time for a change of perspective.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis (FFVIIEC) is an upcoming RPG that includes a playable new story which revolves around a young Sephiroth. The fledgling world-famous antagonist offers a new point of view on classic moments in Final Fantasy VII’s story. But there’s far more to FFVIIEC than re-visiting the past. Here are seven things you should know about the game.

Learn Why Sephiroth Is the Way He Is

Sephiroth has been regarded as a top-tier RPG villain since his debut in 1997. Despite his many appearances in the Square Enix universe (and a jaunt into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate), we don’t know much about this black-robed enigma. FFVIIEC takes us back to when Sephiroth was quite young (and still growing out his trademark silver hair). What was Sephiroth like before he was an adult? Was he always destined to be a villain, or is there the spark of a hero in his heart? FFVIIEC tells us the tale.

Play Through Three Stories, Including a New Tale with New Protagonists: Glenn, Matt, and Lucia

Sephiroth’s story in FFVIIEC is called “Final Fantasy VII The First SOLDIER,” and it’s a brand-new adventure that also features three new protagonists: SOLDIERs named Glenn, Matt, and Lucia. The hidden truth behind SOLDIER will be revealed as this generation rises, and we’ll find out how the fate of the three SOLDIERS become intertwined with Sephiroth. While FFVIIEC teaches us more about Sephiroth, it also lets us revisit classic Final Fantasy VII characters and locales. Look for new side-stories involving established Final Fantasy VII cast members and plot points, as well as new tales about Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII characters like Zack Fair.

Battles Against Big Bads Look Cooler Than Ever

FFVIIEC’s battle system plays off the original Active Time Battle system that drives the fights in Final Fantasy VII. FFVIIEC’s battles inspire nostalgia with the reappearance of certain enemies, bosses, and locales, but the new, modernized visuals give you a new perspective on places you already thought you knew. Limit Breaks and monster Summons happen through cutscenes, and the mobile game’s new options to auto battle or change battle speed let you control the pacing of FFVIIEC’s scuffles.

Help the Characters Become Their Best Selves

FFVIIEC lets you power up your dream party with a huge array of materia and weapons. Materia can be synthesized using recipes and materials you collect in the world of FFVIIEC. Special consumable items let you strengthen your weapons. In time, you’ll be able to summon powerful monsters and access new, more devastating Limit Breaks. The more quests you take on, the more these vital resources flow into the construction of your favorite team.

Outfit Your Party in Costumes Galore

Let’s be honest with ourselves: We love to dress up our favorite video game characters for the same reason we like to put shirts on cats. FFVIIEC recognizes the joy of putting silly (and cool!) clothes on Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Zack, et al. That’s why you can obtain new outfits, dresses, and costumes for your characters, several designed exclusively for FFVIIEC. Best of all, they stay pristine no matter how many monsters you gut while wearing them.

Fight Powerful Bosses With Your Favorite Characters in Co-Op

FFVIIEC doesn’t just contain a meaty story that’s full of familiar faces and brand new surprises. There’s also a co-op mode that lets you team up with friends to take down powerful bosses. Form parties of three by choosing your character–including popular faces like Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, and Zack–and wreak havoc on huge monsters. Coordinate with your comrades in the lobby as well as the battlefield, ensuring that your battle plans should lead you to victory. (Emphasis on “should.”)

The Final Fantasy VII Cast is Nostalgic, but New

Remember how Final Fantasy VII’s character models were revolutionary for 32-bit systems, even though Cloud, Barret, Tifa, and everyone look like they’re made of boxes? Square Enix remembers, which is why FFVIIEC “remixes” the cast. The character models are rendered in a style that recalls the PlayStation’s popular polygons. The visual mix lends the game a unique air.

There’s always a new tale to be told in the Final Fantasy VII universe, and this time it’s Sephiroth’s turn to speak up. FFVIIEC lets you revisit old friends, meet new ones, and test your fighting prowess alongside your friends. Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is coming to the App Store, as well as Google Play on September 7th.

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