Here it is, the trip report on the way back home to Phoenix, AZ! I flew on Southwest Airlines from Lubbock, TX to Houston, TX to Phoenix, AZ. LBB to HOU was on a Boeing 737-700 and HOU-PHX was on a Boeing 737-800. Here are some important things to point out:

As you saw, Lubbock Airport is getting a new makeover. This includes a completely different look to the airport as well as new airport smell and new everything. This may be the last time you see the old Lubbock Airport forever.

The old announcements were replaced with Carol, that awesome lady voice, and a new man voice. I sure wish we had Carol do our announcements at Sky Harbor Airport.

I left Houston Hobby Airport to eat some Whataburger, since my layover was over 3 hours.

Houston Hobby Airport now has automated robotic announcements that announce the boarding of each flight! They have these new announcements for every flight! Skip to 53:45 to hear the automated announcements announcing the flight to Phoenix. I felt like I was at Amsterdam Airport when I heard it. The only difference is there is not a chime before the announcement. I sure wish Sky Harbor had them for every flight. We have them here, but only for American Airlines Flights and only for select flights, mostly to big cities.

As of now, Southwest is not flying the Lubbock-Houston route on Southwest Airlines. I believe it may be a seasonal route, but I’m not sure.

Those are pretty much the important factors to point out. I hope you all enjoy this trip report.

Lubbock, TX to Houston, TX
Aircraft: Boeing 737-700
Airline: Southwest Airlines
Departure Time: 10:36 AM CDT
Arrival Time: 11:59 AM CDT
Flying Time: 1 Hour 23 Minutes
Origin: Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport Lubbock, TX Gate 8 (RWY 8 Takeoff)
Destination: Houston Hobby International Airport Houston, TX Gate 51 (RWY 13R Landing)
Seat Number: 18F

Houston, TX to Phoenix, AZ
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Airline: Southwest Airlines
Departure Time: 3:13 PM CDT
Arrival Time: 3:44 PM MST
Flying Time: 2 Hours 31 Minutes
Origin: Houston Hobby International Airport Houston, TX Gate 4 (RWY 22 Takeoff)
Destination: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Phoenix, AZ Gate C16 (RWY 25L Landing)
Seat Number: 23F



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