Spanish Soccer Federation Chief Apologizes for Kissing Player on Lips

When asked about the kiss and the response that quickly followed hours after the win, Rubiales initially told Radio Marca that it was “a moment of affection without any importance,” adding that “we can’t listen to idiocy.”

Now, Rubiales said he realized he needs to “be more careful” at public events, noting that his prior remark was because “within the bubble, no one gave it the slightest bit of importance.”

“So, I also want to say sorry to these people because I understand that,” he continued, “if outside, it was seen in a different light, surely they have their reasons.”

The RFEF chief concluded his message with a focus on the players’ victory, adding, “I think that we have to give all of the merit to these women, to the team led by Jorge Vilda and we have to celebrate it to the skies as much as we can.”

As for Hermoso, in a video featuring the players celebrating their win shared to X, formerly known as Twitter, the midfielder shared that she “didn’t like” the impromptu kiss.

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