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The New York Cardiac Diagnostic Center offers Sports Cardiology (athletic heart screenings). Cardiac assessment of the athlete includes history and examination to assess both medical and sport-related problems, a stress test, an Electrocardiogram (ECG), and where appropriate, further testing which may include Echocardiography either at rest or with exercise, cardiac MRI, and testing for significant cardiac rhythm disturbances.

Dr. Steven Reisman (a best-in-class NYC sports medicine cardiologist) can identify important and sometimes life-threatening cardiovascular problems with the clear goal of ensuring the athlete’s safe return to their chosen sport whenever possible.

What is Sports Cardiology?
The first-ever reported exercise-related death in history dates back to when the Greeks won the battle against the Persians in Marathon. A foot messenger was told to run back to Athens to deliver the joyous news, but he collapsed and was pronounced dead after arrival and after shouting his message.

Hippocrates’ tutor, the Greek physician Herodicus is widely regarded as the father of sports medicine. He taught gymnastics and understood the association between therapeutic exercise and a good diet for good overall health. Nowadays, heart doctors understand this association far more closely, and top athletes often rely heavily on sports medicine, especially when there is a risk of sudden cardiac death. Since 2011, when the American College of Cardiology developed the Exercise and Sports Cardiology Section sports cardiology has been a subspecialty of cardiology.

The main goal of our best heart doctor in Manhattan is to assess and evaluate athletes to ensure safe participation in athletics.

Top athletes must maintain their overall health to remain competitive, which is often extremely complex. They will usually have a team of specialists that work closely together, including physicians, nutritionists, coaches, psychologists, and exercise physiologists.

Sports cardiology, on the other hand, isn’t just for top athletes. It can help anyone who likes to stay fit and exercise regularly, including weekend warriors, reach their full potential while protecting their hearts.

Why See a Sports Cardiologist?
A sports medicine cardiologist, such as Dr. Reisman, has specialized expertise that allows him to understand both the physical demands of sports and the psychology of participating in them. He has vast expertise in treating athletes and understands how important it is for them to continue playing, particularly for those with cardiovascular conditions.

Reasons to visit the sports cardiologist in NYC may include:

  • You are a professional athlete, and your contract requires it
  • You are a non-professional athlete experiencing unexplained and troubling cardiac symptoms
  • New feelings of shortness of breath
  • New feelings of heart palpitations
  • Chest pain during exercise/athletics
  • Unexpected but unexplained change in performance during exercise
  • Pre-competition screening or identified cardiac abnormality on screening
  • Return to sport/athletics after previously identified cardiac problem

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