Talk to Me 4K and Blu-Ray Release Date Confirmed for A24 Horror Hit

Talk to Me, the hit horror from A24 and Australian duo Danny and Michael Phillipou, has enjoyed a healthy time at the box office, but it’s almost time to bring the possessions home for Halloween.

Bloody Disgusting has discovered through an Amazon listing for an exclusive edition that Talk to Me will be available to buy physically on October 3, 2023. The Amazon edition features alternate art for its Blu-Ray and 4K release.

There’s currently no confirmation of when the movie will hit digital platforms, but that usually precedes the physical release, so a good bet would be sometime in September.

Talk to Me and Take Me Home

Credit: Amazon

The story of Talk to Me sees teenagers using an embalmed hand to summon spirits that possess them. They treat the possession like a drug high, but it ends up inviting terrible forces.

It’s been another success story for A24, making $46 million at the box office off a minuscule budget so far.

A sequel is already planned, a prequel has technically already been filmed, and the director brothers are tackling an adaptation of Street Fighter. The physical release may not be the only tactile Talk to Me item you can get as A24 has teased a replica of the embalmed hand could be happening.

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