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This is my new YouTube channel. Search for Richie Levoi The Brooklyn Song Viral Video on YouTube. Or click on this link to be redirected to my new YouTube channel:
I am also promoting an original song i wrote called The Brooklyn Song”. This song is about growing up in Brooklyn, New York in the 1970’s and the 1980’s. It will always be my hometown! My goal is to get The Brooklyn Song famous and viral. Please help me promote it by sharing my link:

This video and ALL video’s on this YouTube channel The Apefather is for entertainment purposes only. I am NOT a financial advisor and do not give financial advice. I am not a lawyer and i also do not give legal advice. I am only an entertainer and this video and all video’s on this channel and my other YouTube channel Richie Levoi The Brooklyn Song Viral Video are for entertainment purposes only. These video’s are meant as jokes and entertainment.



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