An FBA is an acronym for Functional Behavior Assessments and Is a process that identifies behaviors that are directly Interfering With The Child’s Educational Progress;

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1. Specific target behavior
2. The purpose of that behavior
3. What factors maintain the behavior

A functional behavior assessment is a part of the behavior intervention plan (OR BIP) process.

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When is it necessary to complete an FBA?

When a specific behavior or emotional concern is;

1. Disrupting the academic progress of a child
2. Other children within the classroom.
3. A repeated behavior has escalated as the year has gone on and been a continuous concern.

Now that we have discussed what an FBA (or Functional Behavior Assessment) is and when it’s necessary to complete let’s dive into why this type of assessment is a necessary part of a child’s academic progression…

There are 4 main reasons;

1. An FBA is Used to find the specific behavior that is causing your child’s academic progress to decrease.
2. An FBA is Used as a part of creating a behavior intervention plan or BIP.
3. An FBA is Used to help both you, as a parent, and the teachers focus on the positive outcomes.
4. An FBA is Used to help you to build a relationship together.

Now that we have discussed the importance of an FBA let’s cover an overview of what all goes into this assessment…

What all does an FBA (Functional Behavior Assessment) entail?
1. Identify the severity of the behavior
– This is done with both Parents
– And the Behavior Support Team
– Or in some cases, The Child Study (Support) Team – Once the severity of the behavior is identified, we move on to step 2 in the process,

2. A Path Is Decided For The Assessment Which Will Eventually Become Part Of The BIP (Behavior Intervention Plan)
– Less Severe Behaviors May Require
— Some Observations and
— Verbal Prompts
— Eventually, A Written Plan Is Created To Change The Challenging Behavior

-More Severe Behaviors Require 5 Key Steps
1. Defining the target or key behavior
2. Several weeks worth of data collection
3. Developing a hypothesis
4. Setting up interventions and
5. Evaluating the plan and making sure it’s effective

-There are some Differentiating factors regarding the severity, they include
— The amount of time the FBA takes to complete.
— Amount of detail found within the plan

The last part of an FBA or Functional Behavior Assessment is understanding how it fits into a BIP or Behavior Intervention Plan…

How does the FBA fit into a Behavior Intervention Plan?

1. Creation of the FBA is the fourth Step in a BIP (Behavior Intervention Plan) – Again, check out our video regarding the BIP process
2. The FBA Is Vital As It Helps Identify Target Behaviors
3. An FBA Leads To Developing A Behavior Intervention Plan Tailored To Your Child’s needs

Well… that wraps up the topic on Functional Behavior Assessments or FBA’s

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