In this video I am working on few engines, axles getting prepped for sandblasting, a WW2 Willys MB frame, the 816 Wrecker and lots of farm chores.
Gary’s L 134 Engine is getting the valve guides set properly and will get bored next.
Hal’s engine is finally clean enough to assemble and today the crankshaft finally goes into the block.
Mark’s engine has been soaking and today is the day it finally breaks free and begins rotating.
Willys M38 axles are ready for sandblasting along with Chuck’s CJ2A axles. Everything is laid out and ready to be cleaned up.
Jon’s MB frame is flipped over and a bit of welding is happening on the underside. A few more patches and it will be finished.
The Military 5 ton M816 Wrecker is getting better every day. Hydraulic leaks fixed and I finally have some good brakes. A new brake air pack and bleeding of the entire system has made for perfect brakes.
Beef Cattle, egg layer chicks, meat chickens, and potatoes finish out the day. Always a lot going on here but I wouldn’t change it for anything. Clean living at its finest.
Thanks for watching everybody.



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