👽🛸 ‘UFO journals’ 1978. the 1978 cult classic documentary movie ask the question do UFO’s really exist? that is the question this documentary is primarily based on. containing never before seen footage, ‘UFO journals’ expose new information on our contact with alien life forms and foreign devices from outer space. scientific interpretation offer an improved perception of UFO’s and possible alien existence on earth. exploring the ideas behind possible alien craft and their pilots. interviews with george king, frank stranges, and more. “high strangeness”
a rare retro curio from the ’70’s focused mainly on the investigations conducted by enthusiasts and eccentrics who pursued their ‘research’ with little or no attention from the popular media. this film is a collection of interviews and short pieces that reveal the work of some of the fringe characters involved in the UFO mystery and related phenomena, interspersed with stock footage from the US space program and photos of purportedly real UFO’s. additionally, the viewer is given a glimpse of the peculiar beliefs and practices of the aetherius society, and the unarius foundation. a very obscure film that covers some of the same territory as the more well-known “farewell good brothers”, and the equally obscure “overlords of the UFO”. definitely a time capsule from a bygone era and an enjoyable change of pace from the hyper edited CGI productions of recent times.

running time: 92 min. director richard martin.
release date: 05-06-1979
runtime: 1h 32mins
genre: documentary



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