Does everyone in Maine eat lobster?
Does everyone in Maine have a funny accent?
And is everyone in Maine sick of the tourists?

Wow we’re out here in no man’s land. We could be anywhere. But of course, we know we’re in Maine, because that’s what this video is all about. There aren’t a lot of people in these parts. Maine is the only state in the nation with just one border. This state shares a long border with New Hampshire, but that’s it. It’s actually a much bigger state than you might think – you can fit the other New England states of New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island into Maine.

Maine has the lowest population density of any state east of the Mississippi. There’s a million people here, but most people are south of where we are. But more on that later.

To get a complete understanding of Maine, we need to look at it from a higher level and then explore each region.

This is Maine.

As you can see, there are large areas in the northern part of Maine where things are vast and wide open, and then, closer to the coast and to the south, there’s a lot more going on. But for the people in northern Maine, there’s plenty enough going on. They have everything they need, thank you very much.

We’ll begin over here in the northwest part of Maine. Way up here is really nothing. Outside of Moosehead Lake and It’s woods and a lot of rundown cabins. No that’s mean. There are some teeny tiny little villages with a smattering of folks out here tucked way back into tracts of forest, places that are just about as rural as you’ll find in almost anywhere in the country.

Maine claims to have more woods than any other state. 89% of the state is woods. That’s probably why it got the nickname The Pine Tree State. You could drive back here for three or four hours and hardly see a soul. That’s also why a majority of people in Maine drive Trucks and SUVs and Subarus.

Most of this region is made up of Piscataquis County, which is losing more people than any other county in the state. This county lost 6% of its population over the last decade. Why? Mostly an aging population, more deaths than births, and a loss of net migration. In fact Maine now has the oldest average population of any state in the country.

There’s plenty of places to ski on this side of the state. In the middle of this vast region is Mount Katahdin. While New Hampshire’s Mount Washington may be the called the “Beast of the East,” Mount Katahdin is the largest independent mountain with the most rugged terrain in the Northeast. Crazy people trek up here and cross country ski here. It’s also where the Appalachian Trail begins – or ends – depending on which way you’re going.

Down here in Somerset and Franklin Counties it’s more woods and skiing.

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Trailer park
Kinnebunkport By mislibrarain – originally posted to Flickr as Boats in Kport, CC BY 2.0,

Moosehead lake
Maine Woods

Lewiston By Back2reality07 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Union Maine By Magicpiano – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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