In this week’s episode of THE SHOW we talk about the current state of baseball, Vlad going yabo off Shohei, the Rockies fuego new unis, Druw Jones is good at baseball, and a lot of other stuff because we love to talk. HOPEFULLY YA’LL ENJOY! ALL LINKS BELOW 🥵


0:00 Welcome to Episode 9! 🔥
2:24 Rockies City Connect Unis
3:23 Vlad goes YARD Off Shohei
6:04 Druw Jones Insane HS Stats
8:57 Should MLB have a mercy rule? (HOT TAKES)
11:24 Baseball players are the best athletes?
13:06 MLB Skills Competition During All Star Game
14:55 Best D1 vs. D2 Matchups?
16:23 Would you rather play at X or Y? (Colleges)
20:46 Kentucky or Kentucky Derby? (OUTRO)


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