Best Hulu Series & Shows to Watch Now (April 2024)

Looking for the best Hulu shows and series to binge-watch this April 2024? We’ve got you covered! Our must-see list includes returning favorites like Fargo and Letterkenny, alongside intriguing new arrivals like Under the Bridge, Death and Other Details, and the epic historical drama Shogun. So, skip the channel surfing and settle in for a month of exceptional Hulu shows!

What are the best Hulu series to watch in March 2024?

It’s time to explore the best Hulu series hitting the platform this April 2024. Whether you’re a fan of returning favorites or crave something new, we’ve got you covered. Buckle up and discover your next binge-worthy obsession on Hulu!

A Murder at the End of the World

A Murder at the End of the World throws a tech-savvy Gen Z hacker named Darby Hart into the heart of a chilling mystery. Invited to a remote retreat by a reclusive billionaire, Darby finds herself surrounded by strangers – some with hidden secrets. Darby’s online skills and detective instincts kick in when a guest is found dead. With dwindling trust and a growing sense of isolation, she must uncover the truth before the killer strikes again. A Murder at the End of the World combines a captivating setting with a unique protagonist. The series explores themes of technology, isolation, and the complexities of human nature, making it a thought-provoking watch alongside the central mystery.


Looking for a suspenseful crime drama with a unique twist? Then Culprits on Hulu should be on your watchlist. The series centers on Joe, a seemingly ordinary American man living a picture-perfect life with his fiancee and stepchildren. However, Joe harbors a dark secret: he used to be part of an elite criminal crew in London. Three years after a high-stakes heist, Joe’s past collides with his present when an assassin starts eliminating his former teammates one by one. Fearing for his family’s safety, Joe is forced to return to London and reunite with his crew. Now, they must confront the ghosts of their past, unearth hidden secrets, and work together to unmask the killer before it’s too late. Culprits is a gripping story that explores themes of loyalty, redemption, and the burden of past actions, all wrapped in a thrilling cat-and-mouse chase.

Death and Other Details

Set sail for a luxurious Mediterranean cruise with a deadly twist in Death and Other Details. World-renowned detective Rufus Cotesworth, past his prime but with a keen eye, finds himself reluctantly teamed up with Imogene, a brilliant young woman with a personal stake in the case. Together, they must navigate a web of secrets and lies among the wealthy passengers, each with a motive for murder. This series is perfect for fans of intricate puzzles and characters with hidden depths.


This anthology series isn’t your typical crime drama. Each season of Fargo features a new cast and story set in a different era within the frigid landscapes of Minnesota. The latest installment, Season 5, takes us back to Minnesota in 2019. A kidnapping gone sideways sets off a chain reaction that throws together a motley crew of characters, including a morally ambiguous corrections officer, a charismatic criminal syndicate head, and a Hollywood film producer with a hidden agenda. Viewers will be seated with plenty of dark humor, connections to past seasons, and a healthy dose of Fargo’s signature brand of quirky violence.


Letterkenny is a comedy with a distinctly Canadian flavor. Set in the fictional small town of Letterkenny, Ontario, this show revolves around the lives of its residents, divided into three distinct social groups: hicks, skids, and hockey players. The hicks, led by the quick-witted farmer Wayne, represent a more traditional, rural way of life. They’re fiercely loyal to their friends and their community. Their biggest headaches often come from the skids. This ragtag bunch is obsessed with getting high on cheap substances and generally causing trouble. Their unpredictable antics keep the hicks on their toes. Then there are the hockey players. These hyper-masculine characters constantly boast about their toughness, although their actual skills are debatable. They see themselves as the top dogs in Letterkenny, much to the amusement (and occasional annoyance) of the other groups. Letterkenny’s humor is fast-paced and relies heavily on its own unique vocabulary.


Moving takes the familiar superhero trope and injects a dose of family drama into it. This South Korean action fantasy centers around ordinary families whose lives are upended when their children manifest incredible abilities. It’s a character-driven story that explores the complexities of parent-child relationships. As these families are thrust into danger, shocking secrets from the past resurface, forcing parents to make heart-wrenching choices to keep their children safe. 


If sprawling historical epics are your jam, then Shogun on Hulu is for you. Based on the James Clavell novel, this recent miniseries transports viewers to 17th-century Japan, a land on the precipice of civil war. Shogun centers on John Blackthorne, a British sailor whose life takes a dramatic turn when his ship is wrecked on the Japanese coast. Thrust into a world he doesn’t understand, Blackthorne is initially condemned as a barbarian. However, fate intervenes when he catches the eye of Lord Toranaga, a ruthless and ambitious warlord. Recognizing Blackthorne’s potential as a translator and strategist, Toranaga takes him under his wing. Blackthorne immerses himself in the Japanese culture, learning the language, customs, and samurai code. As he navigates the world of Japanese politics, Blackthorne finds himself caught between his newfound loyalty to Toranaga and his own sense of identity.

Will Trent

This series centers around Special Agent Will Trent, a perceptive investigator with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI). Trent’s past in the foster care system has shaped him into a resourceful and empathetic detective, allowing him to connect with victims and crack tough cases. Will Trent goes beyond the procedural aspects, going into the emotional weight shouldered by Trent and his team as they navigate crime.

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