Get Out of NY Before It’s Too Late

I Hate New York

I cannot stress enough that many businesses have been put on notice – get the hell out of NY ASAP! After Judge Engoron’s ruling, even the absurd Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul has been forced to come out because of rumblings of mass migration from NYC to Florida, where companies are welcome and there is no State Income Tax. There have been warnings that businesses are looking elsewhere and realizing that there is a MAJOR risk to doing business in New York state as a whole. Hochul has publicly been forced to try to reassure businesses that they have “nothing to worry about” after the ruling.


It appears that Socrates has predicted the outcome of Trump’s absurd prosecutions in New York, for it elected a Yearly & Quarterly Bearish Reversal on State revenues. New York will continue to lose high-net-worth residents, resulting in rising taxes on the fools that remain. There is no rule of law left in this city. Fining Trump for “fraud” when there were no victims and whatever you claim to be worth is reviewed independently by a bank anyway. Even Deutsche Bank admitted they gave the loans based on their own evaluations. – not Trump’s.

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