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Global Internet Access and Usage [Infographic]

Did you know that only 42% of people in South East Asia have access to the internet? Or that only 34% of those in Africa are able to regularly go online?

While the internet is a way of life in many regions, it’s still not widely available to all, which leads to economic disparity, reduced literacy, limited educational opportunities, and more.

That’s why Meta is working to connect the world, which is not only to address these elements, but also to maximize its own business opportunities, and why projects like Starlink are important for global development.

Because without universal internet access, as a base minimum, inequity will remain, which then branches into all manner of other problems.

To provide some perspective on this, the team from Visual Capitalist have put together this overview of internet access around the world.

Some interesting stats, worth considering when you look at ongoing web developments.

World Internet Usage graphic

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