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Google Adds Generative AI Image Creation to Demand Gen Campaigns


Google’s adding generative A.I. into another element, with advertisers launching Demand Gen campaigns now able to create visuals for their promotions in-stream.

Demand Gen campaigns enable brands to maximize the use of their video and image assets, by translating them into different Google ad formats, in order to enhance your reach and appeal with specific users.

And now, you’ll also be able to generate specific visuals for each campaign type within the ad setup flow.

Google Demand Gen AI images

As explained by Google:

With generative image tools, you can now test new creative concepts more efficiently – whether it’s experimenting with new types of images or simply building your creatives from scratch. Your knowledge and expertise are crucial to help Google AI generate images tailored to your business or client’s needs.”

Given that Demand Gen campaigns run in several formats, having the capacity to create custom visuals, aligned to the size requirements for each, could be a big help in launching more effective promotions.

Google says that the generative A.I. process will never create two identical images, while all images generated by Google Ads include mechanisms that enable them to be identified as A.I. generated for full transparency.

It’s another way to expand your ad campaigns with custom visuals, which could be effective, depending on the specifics of the promotion and product placement.

I mean, many brands will ideally want to include product images as well, and there are ways to do that, using these generated visuals as backgrounds. But the primary generation process only focuses on creating visuals from prompts, which could be restrictive in some ways.

But it’s another consideration, and if you’re looking to create more standout Google ads, it could be worth experimenting with.

You can learn more about Google’s Demand Gen campaigns here.

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